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Jason Koning, Director at Aotearoa Web Design

The service and support is the best I have come across and I have dealt with a number of web hosting companies over the years.

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With more than 75,000 customers and 255,000 managed domains, Umbrellar is New Zealand's leading domain name provider – and there are plenty more available to help you stamp your digital presence on the world. Find and register the perfect domain here!

Why Register Your Domain Name with Umbrellar?

Free domain parking

Park your domain with unlimited free URL redirections.

DNS configuration

Powerful DNS zone management that gives you total control.

URL forwarding

Forward your new domains to your old established domains.

Automated Transfers

No paper forms to fuss about with – we’ll automatically transfer your domain from your old web host to Umbrellar.


What is a Domain?

A domain name is how your customers will find you on the web! They correspond to a series of numbers that act as routing addresses on the internet. A domain registration is the first step to take in getting your business online. A memorable web address – a.k.a domain – can help your customers find you, your website and your email addresses, so they can do business with you. 

Umbrellar can help you get started online all in one place, with bundles that include a domain name, website hosting and email. You can find them here -

How Do I Register or 'Buy' a Domain?

Umbrellar has made it easy to search for and register your chosen name – simply type the domain name you’d like into the ‘Search’ bar at the top of this page, and we’ll tell you not only if it’s available, but also suggest the extensions it may be worth considering, like .kiwi and .nz. 

Simply select the names you’d like to add to your cart, and when you’re ready, clicking ‘Checkout’ will guide you through the easy registration process. 

What if my Domain is not Available For Registration?

Sometimes the domain name you want may already have been registered by someone else, and it will show as unavailable. In this case, you can try a different spelling, a different extension, or use this chance to come up with a bigger and better domain name!

What is a Domain ‘Extension’ and How Many can I Have?

A domain extension is the part of the domain name after the ‘.’ – these range from the common .com and to .kiwi and .nz to newer, more unusual ones such as .buzz, .clothing or .tattoo!


There is no limit to the number of extensions that you can register your domain name with, as long as they are available. 

What Does it Mean to “Register” a Domain?

When you register a domain, it will be added to the Internet Domain Name System (DNS), which is a directory that consists of all the domain names and the corresponding companies or persons they are registered to. 

The DNS also associates your domain name with a computer or server that you designate, which is where your website is stored. 

How Long Can I Have my Domain?

It’s yours for life! There is no limit to the number of times you can renew your domain once it is registered. Most registrations last for 12 months, though there are some that you can register for longer. When the end of your registration period gets near, Umbrellar will remind you to renew your domain, and guide you through the process. As long as you renew your domain before it expires each year, you can have it for as long as you need!

Which Characters Can I Have in My Name?

There are only certain characters that are permissible in domain names. These are as follows:

  • Letters: a-z (always lower case)
  • Numbers: 0-9
  • Symbols: - (hypen)



Domain names cannot have spaces in them – you can create the impression of a space with a hyphen – eg.

If you try and search for a domain with a character that is not allowed, Umbrellar will let you know that it is invalid and why.

Do I Just Need a Domain to Get My Business Online?

A domain name is only the first step in getting your business online, but Umbrellar can guide you through the whole process, whether you are a small business, a large marketing agency or any size in between. We have Starter bundles that include your domain name, website hosting and email, right through to Virtual Machines and complex solutions. 

For support in finding the right solution for your business, you can contact us on 0800 344 493, email us on or browse our website under the ‘Your Business’ section.

What if I Need Help?

Not to worry, Umbrellar’s support team is here for you 24/7! You can call us toll-free on 0800 344 493, email us on or contact us through our website here -


What Makes a Great Domain Name?

Here are 6 tips to help you choose a great domain name?

1. Ensure that it's simple and easy to type. 

Unless you are using your brand name think twice before using slang or unusual spelling. For example using the letter 'U' instead of the word 'YOU'. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to find your site. 

2. Keep it short and sweet

A long domain name runs the risk of misspellings or typing errors when a visitor is trying to find your site. A short name is also usually easy to remember. 

3. Use target keywords

Use or incorporate keywords that describe your business, products or services. For example is you sell Blue Widgets try and incorporate the word/s 'blue widgets' within your domain name. 

As long as this is not your only Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique, including 'target keywords', keywords that people will use when searching for your products or services on google, will help your ranking position in Google Search. 

4. Try and avoid numbers and or hyphens

These are easily mistaken, for example if you use the number 4 people who have heard of your site will be unsure whether they need to use the numeral (4) or the word (four). 

5. Do your research

Do your homework and make sure that your chosen domain name has not been trademarked or copyrighted by someone else. 

6. Protect your brand

When you are trying to build a brand make sure that you register and protect the most common domain extensions. The last thing you want is for someone else to register the .com (if you registered a and build of your hard work.